About Us

We are Karen and Kev, animal lovers and the owners of three labradors:

Finn - 8 years - the chocolate, the calm and relatively sensible one.

Indie - 3 1/2 years - the black, the only girl. The smallest and the bossiest.

Kody - 2 1/2 years - the golden, the baby, the surprise!!! We decided we needed one in every colour and the main reason we started The Pet Portal.


Kody's Story

Kody, as puppies do, ate a towel and needed a long complicated operation to remove the towel and fix the damage it had caused. 

An unfortunate side effect of this operation was that he sustained a large burn to his back which did its best to heal but he was left with a portion of burn that just wouldn't go away.

We were lucky enough that Michael Nawrocki and the team at Vetspecs in Christchurch were able to operate and remedy the situation but there was a long rehab time where Kody was not allowed to lick or rub the wound on his back.

First, we tried the cone...


...his poor face says it all.

Next, we tried the inflatable cone. This was better, but not ideal as the other dogs would pull it off him.

Finally, we were given an MPS shirt to try by the Specialist Vet and it was life-changing, not just for Kody but for us too. It turned out we became obsessed with what a difference this product made to Kody and us and we found ourselves telling all our friends and workmates about it.

It opened our eyes to the need for quality products to be readily available for pet owners. 

And just like that The Pet Portal was born.

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About Us


We're Karen & Kev, animal lovers and owners of three labradors. Learn more about us and why we started The Pet Portal. 

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